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    Faith Walker

    Faith Walker is an Associate Research Professor in the School of Forestry and an Associate Director of PMI for heading the Ancient DNA Core. Her lab uses trace DNA to study wildlife ecology and disease.

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    Faith Walker

Walker Lab Testing

Species From Feces provides taxonomy from trace DNA to managing wildlife responsibly.



We give you a final report summarizing the taxa detected, and include figures, a spreadsheet, and raw data.



Our researchers are trained to sequence from complex samples and trace DNA, using leading genetic technologies.



We provide consultation, a sampling kit, and the information you need to maximize and preserve DNA.

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The Walker Lab Team

A dedicated team of geneticists, ecologists, and bioinformaticians.

Colin Sobek

Using his experience in DNA research, Colin is heading to Australia to get his PhD.

Jose Gabriel Martinez-Fonseca

Working to influence conservation policies, José hopes to save species from extinction.

Dan Sanchez

After the Marines, A dice roll led Dan to a research career he never could’ve imagined.

Emma Froehlich

Emma works with the rabies virus and how it's detected through feces.

Anna Riley

Anna developed an assay to detect a nectar-feeding bat species from flowers.

Emma Federman

Emma assessed whether rabies virus can be detected from feces of rabid animals.

Meagan Owens

Meagan used eDNA to detect a threatened snake's DNA in sportfish feces.

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