Walker Lab 2022 Highlights

Walker Lab 2022 Research Highlights

Friday, February 24, 2023

2022 was one of those years where it all came together. We submitted 14 papers for peer review, six of which are now published. We grew our team and received several grants. We also performed our Species from Feces genetic services throughout the year. And made some exciting discoveries through a suite of research projects that brought together environmental DNA and threatened and endangered species.

We showed that it’s possible to detect nectar-feeding bats by swabbing flowers, a rodent by swabbing vegetation, and a bat community by sampling airborne eDNA. Watch the video for our top 10 highlights of the year!

The Walker Lab Team

A dedicated team of geneticists, ecologists, and bioinformaticians.

Dan Sanchez

After the Marines, A dice roll led Dan to a research career he never could’ve imagined.

Emma Froehlich

Emma works with the rabies virus and how it's detected through feces.

Anna Riley

Anna developed an assay to detect a nectar-feeding bat species from flowers.

Emma Federman

Emma assessed whether rabies virus can be detected from feces of rabid animals.

Meagan Owens

Meagan used eDNA to detect a threatened snake's DNA in sportfish feces.

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