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  • Emma Froehlich

    Research Technician

    Emma is a Research Technician working on rabies detection along with identifying species, diet and pathogens through feces of bats and other wildlife. Additionally, working on white nose syndrome and avian malaria to map distribution.

    Walker Lab
    Research Technician

Leadership Team

Decades of experience with pathogen science.

Dawn Birdsell

Dawn Birdsell

Associate Director of Training and Education
With the focus on developing the next generation workforce, Dawn designs and organizes hands-on science training programs for PMI undergraduates. These programs foster foundational skills essential for career success.

Paul S. Keim

Paul S. Keim

Executive Director
With research centered on genomic analysis, Dr. Keim is the Cowden Endowed Chair of Microbiology at Northern Arizona University (NAU), the Director of Pathogen Genomics at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).

Undergraduate Training Program

We train undergraduates to conduct dangerous pathogen research in a safe environment.

Undergraduate Support

Our distinct team of researchers mentor and support undergraduates.

Types of Research

World renowned for pathogen research, our diverse labs spark many interests.

Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduates get hands-on training in a safe environment.

Noor Saeed

Melioidosis research is the first step towards her to path to dental school.

Emma Federman

Emma’s passion for conservation drives her towards a career in genetics and medicine.

Lab Mentors

Experienced researchers that will show you the ropes.

Bad Undergrad

Bad Undergrad

Comic Relief
In search of a career in science, this ambitious undergrad learns what it's like to apply himself to research.

Sierra Jaramillo

Sierra Jaramillo

Research Assistant
Microbiologist working on genetics, the human microbiome, infectious diseases, and public health issues.

Kaitlyn Parra

Kaitlyn Parra

UG Research Assistant
Undergraduate research focused on novel fungal species closely related to known human and mammalian pathogens.

Roxanne Nottingham

Roxanne Nottingham

Facility Manager
Microbiologist researching molecular genetics and ecology of infectious diseases.

DNA Extraction

DNA extraction gets genetic material to be analyzed for genomic experiments.

How to Extract

Here's a brief overview of a simple experiment that yields complex results.

DNA Extraction Overview

These experiments are a great launching point for genomics research.

Biosafety Cabinet

Our equipment and training helps us work with dangerous pathogens in a safe environment.

Protective Gear

Knowing how to suit up for work is a critical part of pathogen research.

BSC Overview

The Biosafety Cabinet is an important tool to keep experiments safe.

Lab Processes

Our thorough training keeps experiments safe in our state of the art research facility.

Pathogen Research

Study dangerous pathogens can help our fight against lethal diseases.

Safety Protocols

Our protocols keep everyone safe. Let's get suited up for research.

Biosafety Lab

Maintaining a premiere BSL3 is a lot of work. Here's a brief overview.

Finding Science

Taking a chance to apply, Roxanne discovers her love for research.

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