Giving Day

Giving Day Challenge | April 14, 2021

Help Dr. Keim release his challenge by giving to great programs that support student research.




A bonus of $3,000 will be released for additional donations.



Raise $10K, Paul Keim will release his $10,000 Challenge.



Donate to support student research funds on Giving Day.


About Giving Day

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Derek Lake

    Derek is currently pursuing a BS in Biomedical Science with a minor in Chemistry and Certificate in Biotechnology with a putative completion date of May 2023. He is interested in entering the Multi-Omic (Bioinformatics/PGx/Genomics/Microbiome) field with particular interest in long-read sequencing and Machine Learning-Assisted GWAS for variant curation and interpretation within Precision Genomic Medicine.

    Derek Lake

Meet our Researchers

Stories that inspire the love of science.

Heather Mead

Heather’s pursuit of a doctoral degree started at her local community college.

Adriana Avery

Uncertain about her future, Adriana applies herself to scientific research.

George Testo

Besides funding, George found mentors that guided his career in research.

Kaitlyn Parra

Even as a kid, Kaitlyn knew she’d be a scientist. Here is her academic journey.

  • Director of HCMMC / Associate Professor in Biology

    Bridget Barker

    Associate Professor in Biology, Bridget oversees the HCMMC facility and supervises in vivo COVID-19 research effort and specialized in Coccidioides research. Professor Barker completed her Ph.D. in population genomics and ecology of Coccidioides at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She has returned to working on Coccidioides, expanding from the previous genomics work into transcriptomics, both in vitro and in vivo, to understand gene expression changes over the course of infection, as well as the morphological shift from mycelia/arthoconidia to spherules. Professor Barker is also interested in developing methods to detect Coccidioides in soil. Current funding is NIAID R21grant (sexual cycle in Coccidioides), a ABRC new investigator grant and PGP grant (Cocci DNA detection in soil development project) through NAU.

    LinkedIn HCMMC
    Bridget Barker

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