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The Omicron Variant

Take advantage of the excellent COVID testing we have at NAU

Omicron Protection

A booster brings your immune system back to the highest levels possible.

Omicron Variant

Omicron is extremely contagious and breakthrough cases are very high.

  • 2020 Keim Award Honorable Mention

    Camilla Checinski

    Senior Undergraduate Researcher, Camilla Checinski works as an environmental, analytical chemist, quantifying metal contaminants in rodent fur and human hair from Yuma, Arizona; majoring in Chemistry and Criminology & Criminal Justice with a minor in Social Science Forensics.

    Camilla Checinski

Protect our Community

Safety of students and staff is our priority during this global pandemic.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccination and boosters are your best defense.

Stop the Spread

Take reasonable precautions to protect your community.

Delta Variant

With each mutation, COVID-19 becomes more virulent.

Undergraduate Researchers

Our young scientists are trained to research pathogens and make new discoveries in science.

Noor Saeed

Melioidosis research is the first step towards her to path to dental school.

Matthew Morales

Coronavirus experiments are leading him towards becoming a pediatric surgeon.

Jessica Marshall

Working on Plague is a launching pad to her Pediatric Psychiatry career.


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