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  • Research Technician

    Do Exciting Research

    We’re recruiting for a Research Assistant for basic and applied research focused on vertebrate and pathogen genetics.

    You’ll be working with Faith Walker’s Lab on the Species from Feces program.

    Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Biology or related field

    Preferred qualifications: Master's degree and/or 2-4 years of genetics experience

    Primary duties:
    • DNA extraction from wildlife fecal samples and other sample types
    • Next-Generation library preparations
    • PCR/qPCR sample screening
    • Experiments in a BSL2 environment
    • Hands on training working with a team
    • Handling potentially hazardous materials safely, such as laboratory chemicals and disease-causing organisms

    We’re looking for folks experienced with:
    • Genetic techniques such as DNA extraction, PCR, qPCR, Sanger sequencing, library preparation for next-generation sequencing, and targeted enrichment
    • Laboratory safety including handling biohazardous materials and laboratory chemicals
    • Pre-exposure rabies vaccinations
    • Principles and techniques used in molecular genetic analysis
    • Data entry and analysis of scientific data
    • Working with a laboratory group and mentoring undergraduates in lab techniques
    • Microsoft Access
    • Organizational skills with an eye for detail
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Promoting a diverse, inclusive environment

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    Do Exciting Research
  • Keim Award Runner Up

    Bethany Robinson

    Under Dr. Ricky Camplain at the Center for Health Equity Research and Southwest Health Equity Research Collaborative, Bethany has conducted research on the physical activity levels of incarcerated females and modeled the spread of COVID-19. In Spring of 2021, she was awarded with the 2021-2022 Hooper Undergraduate Research Award for her project “How Disability Status Affects Incarcerated Female’s Recreational Time Attendance and Utilization at a Rural Jail”. That same semester she was also recognized with the award for Excellence in Undergraduate Inquiry and Creativity from NAU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. Upon graduation, Bethany will be attending the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine where she plans to continue her involvement in research at the graduate level.

    Bethany Robinson

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